Last night we went to Cookshop, a restaurant we’ve been meaning to go to for a while. Normally, it’s quite difficult to get a reservation there, but because we went early (a little before 6pm), we were able to snag one of the tables by the bar that is reserved for walk-ins. At the recommendation of New York Magazine, we had the fried spiced hominy (I am almost positive they use Indian curry powder for the spice), and the spit roasted rabbit over grits. We also had the beet salad with shaved parmesan and (I believe) diced onions, florida shrimp over white and green string beans, and a special, the red snapper. The hominy was great, the rabbit was a bit less delicate than I was hoping, and the shrimp tasted good but the portions were scant (three shrimp). The snapper was just ok. We had a great chardonnay though – a Bricco al Sole Piedmont 2004 ($30). No idea where to find it! The table bread was also exceptional. Finally, we had the brioche doughnuts with blueberry compote and a scoop of buttermilk ice cream. Outstanding. The doughnuts were warm, the buttermilk ice cream rich, and the blueberry compote almost made us want to lick the plate. I should point out that the service was exemplary. Everything came in good time and the wait staff (including our waiter, Kevin) was very attentive and eager to help.

Get: the fried spiced hominy, brioche doughnuts with blueberry compote
Skip: the snapper, rabbit, beet salad, and florida shrimp.

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