My imaginary band

Wes and I are in an imaginary band. Well, I started the imaginary band, and I haven’t quite told Wes that he is in it, but he is. I really wanted to name the band Motion Picture Soundtrack. On the one hand, the name almost guarantees failure and relative (heh, heh)….obscurity. On the other hand, we would know that our fake band was the best if people waded through all the motion picture soundtracks out there to find us. That’s how you know you’ve really made it. When you can name your band something like just “The.” I think this is what “The Who” was thinking when they named their band.

Anyway, I told him we needed to buy the domain www.motionpicture immediately, if not sooner. Wes types in the URL to make sure it is not taken. Imagine our disbelief when we discovered that not only is the domain taken, its taken by a real band! Our spirits were crushed.

The other day, I was telling Wes about how maybe I wanted to get a Piaggio or a Vespa. Then I told him I thought better of it because I would feel and probably look like one of the World’s Fattest Twins. He cracked up and we talked about how this was an image burned in all our brains – a timeless example of American Kitsch.

And today, a few weeks later, it hit me. The name of our band.

The World’s Fattest Twins.


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