Two GREAT Movies

As a follow up to my post “Why Movies Suck in 2006,” I recently saw two terrific and timely movies.

First, I saw An Inconvenient Truth (2006). Terrific. Everyone complains that Al Gore is not very engaging but I was captivated, and we are talking about a documentary here. Expertly edited, I was never bored once during this movie, which I can’t say for Superman Returns. This heat wave is not an anomaly people. It is going to get worse every year. I would not be surprised if in the next 10-15 years we see regular 100 degree days in New York, and frequent 110 degree days. Those were temperatures I used to read about in the Guinness Book as only existing in Death Valley.

Second, I saw V for Vendetta (2005), which was absolutely brilliant. I had wanted to see this in the theaters but never got the chance. This movie is in IMDB’s top 250 now, so although I don’t think this movie raked it in at the box office, word is getting out. It simply kicks ass. It actually reminded me of another great-but-overlooked movie with Christian Bale called Equilibrium. So if you liked V, definitely check that out. One thing I didn’t know until afterward: V is played by Hugo Weaving, who played Elrond in Lord of the Rings. Basically the movie is about a vigilante who tries to rally the people to rise up against a totalitarian state. Timely indeed. Go rent it.

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  • As much as I wanted to like V, I really didn’t like it. Any movie where the hero’s master plan involves getting shot the fuck up by multiple automatic weapons at close range, but then living long enough to manually kill the shooters while they reload, all premised on the sole reason that “Ideas are stronger than people” … well, that required a little more than the good ol’ suspension of disbelief for me.

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