BLT Burger

Fan-fucking-tastic. Expensive, but one of the most tender, juicy burgers I have ever had. WAY better than Shake Shack, which I can no longer go to because of all the health violations which make me cringe. We had the “BLT” Burger. Two patties of sweet, red meat, with smokehouse bacon and lettuce and tomato on a simple bun. We also got the onion rings (don’t bother) and the chili cheese fries, which were pretty good. Finally they had a great Belgian wheat beer – Ommegang Witte. Our total bill for two beers, two burgers, onion rings, cheese fries, and one dessert was $64, or $32 a person. Not cheap at all. But a DAMN good burger. I like their rule that says they don’t cook the burgers any more than Medium. Why even buy a burger if you’re gonna go above medium! you might as well chew on a charcoal briquet.

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