How I Met Your Mother And Other Shows

If you don’t watch it yet, you should. It’s hilarious. The last episode was all about how some girls have “crazy eyes,” which my buddy Dave and I used to talk about all the time in law school. As in, “stay away from her shes got the CRRRRRRRRAZY EYES!” (while shaking your jowls back and forth). Also, they had this thing about how nicknames for guys start. Brilliant. Go put it on your DVR, since you will never ordinarily find it (being as it is on CBS, which normally only geezers watch). Also, the Unit is great, and Friday Night Lights is awesome. I am in love with Layla! Screw Lost and their 3 month hiatus!

3 Responses to “How I Met Your Mother And Other Shows”

  • I love me some Layla. And, I love Tim’s ex-girlfriend, the blond girl. That show makes me want to write predictable dialogue and play football.

    Do you watch the Office? It KILLS me. Most subtle humor on television.

  • That show is pretty sweet. Did you see the one about Deeeeeeeewalleeeeee? Classic.

    PS Layla is 26, which is like, perfect for me. AND she’s dating Turk from Scrubs. My wish to be a cast member on Scrubs has only gotten stronger since learning that.

  • well, Allyson Hannigan is really cute in the TV Series “how i met your mother”,~;

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