Your Time is Gonna Come

Every day I wake up with a new song in my head. It usually presents in the shower or on my walk to the subway to work. Sometimes it’s a song I heard last night or last week, but sometimes, it’s a song I haven’t heard in years. Well, today that song was one I haven’t heard in years. On the other hand, it is arguably one of the greatest songs of all time. The song was “Your Time is Gonna Come,” by Led Zeppelin. I could hear all the lyrics in my head too, because I first heard the song in my teens, back when music was really important.

It’s weird that this particular song was in my head, because on my way to pick up lunch I was crossing the street in the way of a cab which had stopped but then decided it wanted to move forward again. True, I was jaywalking, but who doesn’t in New York, and after all, he stopped. Anyway, the guy honked and I gave him a scowl. He then yelled out my race (Indian), as if that was some kind of epithet. I casually gave him the New York Salute and walked on.


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