Mother#$!@$ Panasonic.

My downward spiral continues. This Saturday, my $2600 TV blew out. I have a PT-50LC13, a Panasonic LCD rear projection unit. Apparently, I am not the only one with this problem, because there was a class action litigation regarding defective units such as mine. They even have a slick webpage – Anyway, you have to have your lamp blow 3 times in order to be eligible for (1) a $1000 rebate towards a TV $1500 or greater, or (2) a replacement set, using DLP technology (I have heard it is a 56″ DLP set). Well, thats special. Problem is, I have a problem with my ballast. Supposedly this is the thing that supplies adequate and controlled power to the lamp. Mine is blown, and its gonna cost me like $500 bucks to fix it. And I don’t think it’s covered by the settlement. I am not entirely sure whether or not the settlement, which was made in a state court in California, and of which I wasn’t properly notified of, is binding upon me. So I might take Panasonic to small claims court. Get ready, Bitches.

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