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Weekend update

A GLORIOUS weekend.

In sports: Mets clinched, Yankees lost, and my Wolverines are 6-0 and have moved up to the number 4 spot in the country. Sweet.

In food, I checked out the new Max Brenner that’s opened up on 14th and Broadway. The food was EXCELLENT! However, the service was awful. Our waittress was testy and obnoxious, and when she screwed up an order and it was obviously her fault, she tried (but ultimately failed) to place the blame on one of us. When my friend cancelled his original order to order something else, she instead accidentally cancelled another friend’s order. Instead of owning up to it and letting it go, however, she tried to say it was our fault. Also, only one of us had been there before, and he mentioned that every time the wait staff takes newbie orders, they tell the “Max Brenner” story. Well, we never found out what that was, because she had no idea what we were talking about. Apparently she was the only waittress that didn’t know the history of the franchise, and she was rude about her ignorance. My friend said that every single time he has been there in the past the waiter has told the story. Ah well. Missing forks from the table, inadequate water replenishment, and ‘back sass’ all contributed to her sub-10% tip. She was lucky to get anything at all. We will definitely go back again, and will make a point to avoid that waittress, if she is still employed when we return.

In clubbin’: Went to Aer, Park, and Earth. They’re all right by each other so why not? Also went to Serena, and 230 Fifth. Good times at all of those joints.

In movies: I saw two Lisa Ray films in one weekend, having never seen her before in my life. The first was Quarterlife Crisis. This movie was, in a word, awful. The characters were pallid and one-dimensional, the plot vehicles were hackneyed and obvious, and none of the jokes came off well, if it was in fact a comedy, which I am not convinced about. Maybe a tragi-comedy. They even had the gall to steal an entire scene (the speed dating scene) from 40 Year Old Virgin. Finally, every shot of New York was a cutaway to Times Square. When they are driving in a taxi, Times Square. A second drive through the city to pick up a random girl, Times Square. Random cutaway shots of the city interspersed through the film? You guessed it, Times Square again. Enough already! We get that the movie was filmed in New York. To say that the director was no Michael Mann would be an understatement.

The second was Water [SPOILERS]. In an earlier post, I mentioned wanting to see this movie. Well, I finally saw it. The movie was just short of great. One of the things I liked most about the movie was what it didn’t show. I agreed with the director that the prostitution and child molestation that occurs in the movie did not need to be seen to be felt. I thought not showing these horrific scenes made these events in the movie even more haunting than if they had shown them, and I thought a lesser director would have pandered to the shock value. Kudos to Deepa Mehta on that point. That said, there were some flaws. The relationship between the Kalyani and Narayan was wooden and not credible, and I think that the actors were a bit weak. Perhaps Ray, a model (and a beautiful one at that), has spent too much time appearing emotionless on the runway, and she fails to switch gears for this film. I have heard that her diction was poor too, though I am not a good judge. That John Abraham‘s character Narayan doesn’t shed a tear for his fiance upon her death was another example of either character or actor weakness. In the end, I thought the film did not live up to its potential, but I did think it was a near-great film, and would still recommend it.

I also saw Infernal Affairs, upon which the recent film The Departed is based. This film is EXCELLENT. A definite must-see. At first I wasn’t buying it, but it definitely got more believable as the movie went on. Andy Lau is excellent, as is Tony Leung. I heard from friends that The Departed didn’t deliver, but I plan to see it anyway just to compare.

In other news: I went to the Guitar Center this Sunday, and it was as my friend put it, the most fun I’ve ever had on a Sunday EVER! I was just going along with a friend who wanted to buy a keyboard, ended up buying some replacement guitar strings (which I broke already when restringing, UGH!) and playing around with the instruments. But what really had us going for 2 hours of non-stop fun were the keyboards with the built in synths. We started playing them, and were AMAZED at how easy it is to make music with them! All you have to do is play one note, and the keyboard incorporates tons of other instruments to make an entire song! We felt like Oakenfold afterwards. I KNEW Kanye and Pharrell weren’t as talented as they are trumpeted to be! The thing was so damn easy! Within thirty seconds we had already figured out how to play the Yung Joc song, “Meet me in the trap.” Needless to say, the sales staff was in love with us. They just love it when you mess around with their instruments. I think me and my boys are going to start a music production company. Tentative name: The Trap. That way when we go to the studio we can all say, “Meet me in the TRAP! ITS GOIN’ DOWN!” Sweet. It’ll go great with my fake band, the World’s Fattest Twins.

My imaginary band

Wes and I are in an imaginary band. Well, I started the imaginary band, and I haven’t quite told Wes that he is in it, but he is. I really wanted to name the band Motion Picture Soundtrack. On the one hand, the name almost guarantees failure and relative (heh, heh)….obscurity. On the other hand, we would know that our fake band was the best if people waded through all the motion picture soundtracks out there to find us. That’s how you know you’ve really made it. When you can name your band something like just “The.” I think this is what “The Who” was thinking when they named their band.

Anyway, I told him we needed to buy the domain www.motionpicture soundtrack.com immediately, if not sooner. Wes types in the URL to make sure it is not taken. Imagine our disbelief when we discovered that not only is the domain taken, its taken by a real band! Our spirits were crushed.

The other day, I was telling Wes about how maybe I wanted to get a Piaggio or a Vespa. Then I told him I thought better of it because I would feel and probably look like one of the World’s Fattest Twins. He cracked up and we talked about how this was an image burned in all our brains – a timeless example of American Kitsch.

And today, a few weeks later, it hit me. The name of our band.

The World’s Fattest Twins.


On My Ipod

Right now, the Red Hot Chili Peppers new CD Stadium Arcadium and Gnarls Barkley. Both great CDs.

A few songs that have been on my Ipod forever recently resurfaced and for some reason, they resonated:
I see the same shit everyday/the landscape looks so bleak
I think Ill take the first one of yous home/that does something unique

a. di franco, face up and sing

you left my heart empty as a vacant lot
for any spirit to haunt

u2, who’s gonna ride your wild horses?

You know what else is a g.f.s? Johnny Cash – Hurt.

everyone i know/goes away/in the end.


Do you remember getting chills the first time you heard the guitar intro to that song? Remember when you heard the piano intro in “Trouble” from Coldplay for the first time, before they hit it big? Most people go through their whole lives without creating anything as illuminating as the first 20 seconds of those songs. Remember when you found out that “Creep” was not Radiohead’s best song, just the one with the most commercial success? Those moments seem to come less frequently these days. Is it because the older you get the more numb you become? Or is music just not as good anymore?