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Your Time is Gonna Come

Every day I wake up with a new song in my head. It usually presents in the shower or on my walk to the subway to work. Sometimes it’s a song I heard last night or last week, but sometimes, it’s a song I haven’t heard in years. Well, today that song was one I haven’t heard in years. On the other hand, it is arguably one of the greatest songs of all time. The song was “Your Time is Gonna Come,” by Led Zeppelin. I could hear all the lyrics in my head too, because I first heard the song in my teens, back when music was really important.

It’s weird that this particular song was in my head, because on my way to pick up lunch I was crossing the street in the way of a cab which had stopped but then decided it wanted to move forward again. True, I was jaywalking, but who doesn’t in New York, and after all, he stopped. Anyway, the guy honked and I gave him a scowl. He then yelled out my race (Indian), as if that was some kind of epithet. I casually gave him the New York Salute and walked on.


The United Homeless Organization

Number 2 in my multipart series, Things for Suckers.

Anyone that gives money to the the United Homeless Organization, or UHO, is an utter chump. I’ve always suspected that it was just a scam run by a bunch of homeless people to get you to give them money. Today, I did some surfing around on the internet and found out I was right.

Basically it works like this: A suspicious individual sits at a table with a water jug with the letters “UHO” on it and begs you to spare a dime, a nickle, EVEN A PENNY! to help the homeless.


So you reach for some loose change, but what you should realize unless you are a complete sucker is that any fool with a water jug could do this, and that your money is not going to help the homeless, but this homeless guy right here. If you really want to help the homeless, try donating to a reputable charity. According to the NY Post, (alt link) 80% of the money goes directly to the guy who is aggressively bellowing at you. Its nothing more than organized panhandling. You have to feel sorry for the homeless people involved in this scam, but the shame goes to the UHO itself, for profiting off of the panhandling of its “employees.” It is a complete racket, and smacks of a pyramid scheme. Someone should investigate their finances.

Taste of Tribeca

So this weekend we went to the Taste of Tribeca Event. For $35 (a friend got a discount through work – tickets were normally $40), we got to taste six dishes from various high end restaurants in Tribeca.


We tried:
Chanterelle: Rhubarb Consomme over Honey & Yogurt Creme (my friend thought this was better than I did – he raved about it)
Edwards: Chili Hot Dogs (its a hot dog)
Scalini Fedeli: Porcini Mushroom Ravioli w/Truffle Cream Sauce (I never got to try this but heard it was the best thing out there)
Dylan Prime: Prime Rib & Rock Shrimp (the Prime Rib was like salty roast beef, but the Rock Shrimp was great)
Acapella: Mushroom Ravioli (damn good)
Bubbys: BBQ Brisket Sandwiches (this was the most filling dish)
Duane Park Patisserie: Magic Cupcakes (meh, I think all cupcakes are overrated)
Cercle Rouge: Chicken Wings w/ Blue Cheese (this in my opinion, was the best dish – they take off one of the bones and roll down the wing, then deep fry it. It was awesome.)

Then we got sauced at the wine tasting at Tribeca Wine Merchants. They served a wine out of this special vacuum sealed cylindrical box (NOT FRANZIA!) that was actually a suprisingly good chardonnay. The rest of the wines were not that great.

The little puppy who wouldn’t let go of its owner was the highlight of the day. I want a bulldog.