Internet Explorer is for suckers

Part 3 in my series, Things for Suckers. Now, don’t get my wrong. I love me some Microsoft. They make Xboxes, they make sweet sweet Office, and I love XP. I put my money where my mouth is – I even own shares of Microsoft at about $24.50. BUT there is no doubt that Firefox straight up OWNS Internet Explorer and anyone that uses Internet Explorer is a complete sucker. The use of Tabs alone is reason enough to use Firefox over IE.

Firefox is customizable, and I customize the hell out of mine. Among the plugins I have:
Google Send To Phone – puts a little cell phone in the corner of your browser that you can use to send text messages.
TabSwitcher – pretty self explanatory
Autofill – fill in personal information into form pages.
Google Notebook – store little notes about webpages and such. You know you have made it when Google is making plugins for your browser.
SessionSaver – Sometimes Firefox crashes (pff, as if IE doesn’t!) and you want to remember where you were.
Stealther – I use this at work for obvious reasons
Gmail Space – Use Gmail as a hard drive. Sweet.
Firefox Extension Backup Extension. It backs up your extensions.

I also have MozBackup, for saving all my settings, bookmarks, and so forth so that I can put it on other computers or revert to an old setup. Finally, I also have GreaseMonkey, which has its own plugins. For Greasemonkey, I have: Remove IMDB ad column (sorry!), Linkify Plus (automatically link unlinked URL’s), UPS/FedEX Tracking Linkify (link tracking numbers in emails and such), Expedia Expanded Search, Gizmodo Hide Ads, Flyertalk Adremove, Hide Google Adsense Ads, IMDB Links in Netflix, Netflix Links in IMDB, and Remove IMDB a9 Search. Now, show me how to do all that shit in IE! I thought so.

I have a little Google bar to search on the quick, I have a bunch of frequently used sites on little buttons, and I have Gmail Notifier to let me know when I have email. My god Firefox is so sweet and owns everything out there. There isn’t even a close second.

So finally I had to write this page because I found a site which has all the best plugins. It is called “I want a Firefox Extension to…“, and it helped me find some of these plugins. I just got Performancing, and am using it now to make my first post directly from the Firefox Extensions list. I think I am going to name my first born Firefox.

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