Rene Pujol

Ah Restaurant Week! Yesterday I went to Rene Pujol, a traditional French restaurant. I had what may be the best bargain available in the city right now. For about 50 bucks, two of us got to sample some of the best cooking this side of Paris. Here is what we got:

Warm Garlic Sausage With Lentil Bean Salad. Very, very good.
Mini-cheese Ravioli In a Light Chicken Broth With Mushroom and Cilantro. This was flat out excellent. The broth was savory and I wanted more when it was gone.
I should mention that the table bread was impressive. It came out hot, with a thin hard crust on the outside, and delicate and flaky on the inside. It seemed to melt in your mouth.

Fresh Flounder Sauteed Meuniere With Lemon Emulsion. Standard, though delicious. Served simply and elegantly with assorted vegetables which were prepared expertly. The fish was delicate and moist.
Pan-Seared Atlantic Salmon With Steamed Spinach & Whole Grain Mustard Sauce. Highly recommended.

Pear Sorbet. I had to be good. It was definitely tasty, though not decadent like the other dessert offered.
Brownie with Ice Cream. This was one of the richest brownies I’ve ever tasted. You could taste the sin. Totally worth it though.

The damage? about 50 bucks, making it one of the best deals in the city right now. The service was par excellence. I never saw my glass empty, we weren’t rushed, and they were quick to respond to any of our requests. Their service was just plain flawless. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone, Restaurant Week or otherwise.

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