That guy

me: u there?

Sammy: yeah

me: do you think that a guy with a diploma on his wall is a “that guy” as in dont be “that guy”?

Sammy: ehhhh….kind of depends on the context

doctors – no

me: i have mine in a rollup carton somewhere

not even framed

i wonder if i should frame it or something

me: lawyers?

Sammy: but associates, especially junior one, yeah definitely

Sammy: anyone junior should not be trying to front

me: haha

Sammy: you’re just asking for someone more senior than you w/ an inferiority complex that went to a “worse” school to just bitch you night and day i know I’d do that to someone

me: yeah true

Sammy: i’d be like….how’s that harvard mba treating you now??? make me some coffee bitch

me: hah!

Sammy: but if its someone w/ a big office, then its just decoration – as long as it goes WOOO WOOO

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