Big Jerks: Andy Dick apologizes for using slur

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I’m not upset that he used the slur, or even that he apologized for it. I just wished the apology would have gone further. I wished Andy Dick would have apologized instead for being such an unfunny comedian.

Every famous comedian “got their big break,” usually doing standup. Seinfeld, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Jamie Foxx, Carlos Mencia, Leno, Chris Rock, Cedric, the list goes on and on. Then they get to rest on their laurels, making bank on movies like Daddy Day Care. When was Andy Dick ever funny? Hrrrrrm? That’s right, never.

He has never, ever, ever (ever ever?) been funny. He wasn’t even funny in Old School. Sure the scene is funny, but watch it again. Its Ferrell that makes that scene, not Dick.

The short of it is that Andy Dick is the most overrated comedian of all time. Andy Dick is the Beck of comedy. Why this B-lister is famous for anything but sucking at his job is completely beyond me.

2 Responses to “Big Jerks: Andy Dick apologizes for using slur”

  • I am in a band called Big Jerks, Did anybody ask us if they could use our name????

    We are not mad, just use it in good context!
    There are lot’s of Big Jerks everywhere, Have you ever driven in Los Angeles or for the matter of fact, try driving in Las Vegas, talk about Big Jerks!!!

    Big Jerks are Big Jerks! What’s the big F’in deal!!

    Mark Baertschi
    Drummer,Big Jerks

  • Big Jerks, the band, say slur this. If Andy want’s to be a Dick, so be it!

    There are a lot of Big Jerks out there, try driving in L.A. or Las Vegas for that matter, you will find lot’s.

    Just had to say something when I saw our name being used in vein.

    Mark Baertschi,
    Drummer, Big Jerks

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