Perry Street

Before Christmas (usually a dead week for restaurants here in NYC), we decided to stop by Perry Street (located, quite unimaginatively, on Perry St. and the West Side Highway)(Opentable, Citysearch, Zagat), which I suppose is in the financial district or the FAR west village. Though we did not have a reservation, there were several four person tables available (we were three). It was not that they were reserved, rather, they only wanted to seat parties of four at those tables. We sat at the bar for a half an hour while several of these tables went empty. At about the 40th minute we decided this had gone on long enough and spoke to the manager. Despite pointing out the blatantly obvious, they still refused to seat us even though their tables were still empty. I don’t know about you, but I just don’t see the point in being treated like crap at a place where you are expected to pay around $100 per person to eat! It’s not as if Jean-Georges himself was cooking for us. We decided to pass, and spend our money (ironically) at Spice Market. They gave us a table at Spice Market but it too was crap. However, at least our complaints at Spice Market were heeded, and they moved us to an adequate table. Jean Georges needs to fire the high priced consultant that told him it was better to have an empty table than a table not filled to capacity. Too late for me though, because there is no chance of me ever going back to Perry Street. Buggers!

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