Restaurant 66

Here’s an old post I never published.

Thanks to Restaurant Week, I’ve been going to a bunch of great restaurants for only 25 (lunch) or 35 dollars (dinner). The other night we went to 66, which is Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s take on Chinese food. Overall, I recommend it. Here’s what we got:

Tuna Tartare with Chinese Celery, Crispy Lotus Root & Soy Tapioca. The thing that really set this apart from every other tuna tartare in the city was the use of the mini tapioca pearls cured in soy sauce. I thought that was a very creative alternative to including soy sauce in a dish on the side like so many other Japanese restaurants do.

Lacquered Pork Belly, Shallot & Ginger Confit. Amazing. It wasn’t on the prix-fixe menu but we ordered it anyway, and we were glad we did. It was possibly the most tender pork I have ever had, and the crystallized or fried ginger on top made the dish. A must-try.

Chili Prawns with Lily Bulb & Sweet Walnuts. Pretty good. Medium sized portions – not too small, but not quite big, either. Though the waiters took their sweet time bringing it after the entrees had already been served, it came with fried rice.

Overall: I think its pretty good, if you can schlep all the way out to Tribeca!

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