Colbert: Bill O’Reilly is a complete tool.

So yesterday afternoon I jumped out of work for a bit to attend a live taping of the Colbert Report! I ain’t gonna lie, it was pretty freakin’ sweet. The tickets took me like six months to get – it was a total pain in the ass. And then we got to wait an hour and a half in the freezing cold. Thanks guys. AND I had to go back to work until midnight in order to make up for the lost time. But it was totally worth it.

He interviewed Donna Shalala, who was Clinton’s former HHS Secretary. Big Whoop. But the best part was before the taping, he did a Q&A session with the audience. Colbert is just his normal self (i.e. not in character) during the Q&A, but it was amazing to see how high energy he is. He was totally amped, doing sight gags, hopping around, totally unlike the character he plays. As you know, Bill O’Reilly (“Papa Bear”) and Colbert appeared on each other’s shows recently. It was a ratings hit.

So anyway, during the Q&A, someone asked Colbert what he really thought of O’Reilly:

Audience Member: “What is Bill O’Reilly like in real life?”
Colbert: “A complete tool.”

True story. Like I said, pretty freakin’ sweet.

Update: I was able to get independent confirmation from someone else who was at the show here, at Colbert’s fan website, She added that “The way he said it was funny, too. He really put emphasis on the word “complete”.” 🙂

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  • About the O’Reilly comment: it’s funny cause it’s true. He really is one of the biggest, self absorbed pricks the world has to offer.

  • Gabriel, at first glance I thought your comment was …”self absorbed prick the world has to SUFFER”.

  • Tool is a nice way of putting it, that is for sure!

  • Yea. . .O’Reilly has “tooled” himself right on up to the top of the ratings ladder. Sites/Blogs like this downplay a powerhouse personality that simply crushes the competition.

    My question is; If he’s such a “Tool” why does he dominate cable?
    I think the real “Tools” are those like Olbermann who think they have ANY influence in American society.

  • “If he’s such a “Tool” why does he dominate cable?”

    Dominating his cable slot is all he has. If you don’t watch his show you don’t know who he is. TV ratings are worthless to those who don’t worship TV.

    “I think the real “Tools” are those like Olbermann who think they have ANY influence in American society.”

    First you say O’Reilly rules because he’s on cable. Now another cable mouthpiece is completely irrelevant. Is it only Fox news anchors that we should bow to?

    GTFO. You make no sense.

  • I dunno about that Cyberdacity. Thats a little cynical no?

    Why does he dominate cable you ask. Well my answer to that is probably it is a result of 50 years of dumbing down of the american population. So yeah i guess in that retrospect he is a success.

    Oh dear, logic has gone out the window.

  • He dominates cable because half this country is filled with morons like you who believe his incendiary dribble and are afraid of making their own opinion. you GTFO you ignorant F***

  • While I don’t agree with everything Oreilly says, calling him a tool is not quite fair. I read news on many sites, watch some cable and look into the facts for myself. While he of course has his own agenda, a good deal of what he says can be proven by facts if you actually know how to read. A good deal of what he says is also just jargon he uses to attack his political opposites much the same they do to him.

    To define someone as a tool, does that just mean that they don’t have the same beliefs as you do?

    Just a question, when will we ever stop attacking each other to make ourselves look good, and just vote and believe in the right candidates for the right jobs!

  • O’Reilly is a complete tool. O’Reilly does not know how to interview people, rather he tends to just scream loudly and very much like a baby when people say stuff he disagrees with. He does not know shit about very much to begin with, and I consider anyone who watches FOX news a person who is actively watching slanted news to reassure themselves of their views.

  • hence his catch phrase is “shut up”

  • It’ll be nice when Bill gets punched in the mouth…it’s bound to happen.

  • Lets hope that they are muslim, just so we can see the spin he puts on it!

    The irony..

  • Oreilly haters are pathetic. They also misunderstand his audience. I for one am attracted to his program because he makes politics interesting. I agree with him about 50% of the time, but he’s always thought-provoking. No accident that he was 3rd on the Harris.

    Yes, he’s hugely egotistical. Who cares. Those obsessed with Oreilly need to get a life. You losers are part of the reason his ratings are so high. He thrives on controversy. To him, any publicity (like this site) is good (& free) publicity. He should thank you in person.

  • lol the majority of people responding here seem to be tools

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