Jade Goody Living in Fear? Good.

UK Yahoo News Link. If you haven’t heard, Jade Goody was accused (rightly) of racist bullying towards Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty on Celebrity Big Brother, a version of the show out in the UK. Anyway, this week she claimed her windows were smashed as a direct result.

She has been staying in a hotel since she was booted off the Channel 4 reality show on Friday and has yet to be reunited with her two young sons, who are staying with relatives and were not at home during the alleged incident.

“Do I deserve to get my windows smashed? Do I deserve not to see my children?” she complained during an appearance on Five talk show The Wright Stuff.

Oh, is that who you were thinking of when you called Shilpa “the Indian” and told her to “fuck off home?” Yes, you deserve those things and probably worse. If you were so concerned with your kids’ safety, maybe you shouldn’t have been such a loudmouth racist asshat! You are getting everything you deserve, kuti. Looks like someone can’t fuck off home herself now!

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  • I swear, I kind of feel sorry for Jade. To me it just seems she is totally ignorant, and not so much racist. She is just an exemplification of the result of poor state education and cultural misunderstanding. Yeah, of course it came across as racist on camera and when your sitting there watching it live on TV, but you know, how much money have Channel 4 made of this series in comparison to other ones?

    Clever editing Frenzied media = End of Jade’s career.

    If she ever had one.

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