I recently read a story that discussed how some pundit named John Gibson mocked Jon Stewart’s first monologue after 9/11, after which I wanted to see the monologue. Although Gibson’s diatribe is undeserving of any additional attention, it did bring light to the Stewart monologue, for which I am thankful. It was one of the most honest things I’ve ever seen. Watching it reminded me how I felt after the tragedy, and I was grateful for it. I encourage you to watch it as well, and have embedded it below.

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  • nice find. didn’t remember seeing this at the time but it’s touching and heartfelt. i’ve said it before: stewart/colbert ’08

    since pundits like gibson like making cracks at any old reel of footage they unearth, i wonder what they would have to say about this clip of cheney back in 1994:

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