Finally, a wireless solution for digital cameras!

A couple of my friends have started a “one a day” photo project, which I am thinking of joining. However, I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of uploading a picture every single day, so my laziness won out. As a result, I started to look into Wireless Digital Cameras. Basically, you had three options.

1. The Nikon Coolpix S50c (old model, $210) or S51c (new model, $264). 4126zd1pakl_aa280_.jpg These are the most recently released wireless cameras. While it was nice to have an wireless 8 megapixel camera (on the S51c) combined with a small form factor, there was still a huge problem. The wireless component only allows you to upload to Nikon’s proprietary image hosting site, myPicturetown. From there, you must log on to a computer to transfer those files to Flickr or your imagehoster of choice. So there’s that additional step you have to take, and all the while, your photos are inaccessible to your friends.
2. The Canon SD430 ($250). 41n3xe45rl_aa280_-1.jpgWhile it has the good optics that we’ve come to expect from Canon’s digital lineup, the problem with this model is that it is old. Originally designed as a response to Kodak and Nikon’s original offerings, the technology in this camera is dated, with only 5 Megapixels. There’s no image stabilization on this model as with Canon’s newer models. But you can upload directly to Flickr. Again, on balance, not the ideal solution.
3. EasyShare One ($240). 41kw0b1dvbl_aa280_-1.jpgThis camera is so old Amazon doesn’t even sell it anymore. Worse, in order to get it wireless, you have to buy a separate Kodak Wi-Fi Card that sits in a second slot in the camera. Finally, it is only 6MP, with no image stabilization.

Moreover, the problem with all these cameras is that the technology in them will ultimately become obsolete.

Enter the Eye-Fi SD Card. 51cbxrk-q4l_ss400_.jpgIt is, in my opinion, a terrific solution to the mediocrity of today’s wireless digital cameras. It is a 2GB SD Card that, when configured properly, will upload to a plethora of different photo websites, including your own website with Gallery installed. It is compatible with almost any SD card-based digital camera. Now I can use this with the camera I actually want to buy, the Canon SD870IS ($325). And if that camera breaks or becomes obsolete, I can still use the Eye-Fi with the next one. Gizmodo says the Eye-Fi works flawlessly. I think I am going to bite.

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  • Yo dude, you should join up. You only need to upload like once a week or so. We’re just stupidly excited about the project right now.

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