Crosstown Traffic

Last night, I jumped in a cab from the West Village (Bleecker and Grove).  As he dropped me off and I began to get my wallet to pay the fare, a warning message flashed across the in-cab television: “Warning, you have been charged an out of town fare.”  You would think that after this NYTimes expose, and the resulting communal outrage, that cabbies would have known better than to try this scam. In any case, after the warning message flashed, I checked the meter, and sure enough, the number “4” was right on the side (higher fare code for Nassau and Westchester cab rides).  I was furious, and told the cabbie I wasn’t going to pay him a cent, since he tried to scam me.  I exited the cab and he came after me, getting in my way, demanding payment, and ignoring the fact that I caught him.  After some short words, a bystander informed me there was a cop nearby, who I flagged down.  Once the cabdriver realized that I was going to involve the police he jumped back quickly into his cab to make a getaway, but it was too late.  The cops flagged him down, checked his hack license, and quickly determined he was a cabbie for 15 years, which led the cop to believe that the overcharge was not a mistake.  The cop issued the cabbie a summons and will be testifying against him, and invited me to do the same.  Hopefully, he gets his license revoked like these guys.  The worst part was, we were both Punjabi – whats with the Indian on Indian crime?

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