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Photography can be an amazing thing.  Take, for example, this Pulitzer prize-winning series by Renée C. Byer, which moved me profoundly.  Start with the first image (below, click to see the rest) and keep hitting next, being sure to read the captions.  While it is sad, it is important to see images like this in order to put life into perspective.


Look Into The Air

Finally, I am done with my Guatemala blogging! Interesting post script – I was watching Nova last night and they had a special on Mayan hieroglyphs, which was fascinating. You can watch the entire special here. When we were in Tikal, the guides there said that the language had been lost, but the show explained that they had deciphered many of Mayan hieroglyphics, if not completely broken the code. It reminded me of this picture I took (at left). Recent scholars have deciphered much of the code, and generally stelae like the one pictured at left was a historical account of kings and their family. Anyway, if you get a chance to go to Guatemala, take as many pictures of the glyphs as you can! I didn’t take as many as I would have liked and now I regret it.

Now, on to other things. I’ve been going to a lot of concerts lately. First, I saw Jose Gonzales at the Highline Ballroom. The line went from one end of 11th avenue to the other (11th is a long block)! We managed to get in and score a table with a great view. Here are some pictures I took from the event.

The concert was great. He played a lot of his new stuff, including one of my favorites off his new album, Cycling Trivialities. Have a listen.

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This man has unbelievable control over the guitar – it is practically an extension of him when he plays.

More recently, we went to the Explosions in the Sky concert. It was raw and awesome. They proved that they are not a post rock band, they are a rock band. A friend of a friend took some terrific pictures of the concert here. They played a lot of great songs, but not my favorite (and my friend’s) song, Your Hand In Mine. Check it out.

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It was a straight set with no encore. Being entirely instrumental, many worry that the band will be boring, but I can tell you that fear is unjustified. The music was hypnotic, and EITS are experts at building their music and the crowd into a frenzied crescendo. It was blisteringly loud – at points I could have used earplugs. My friends joke that setting the radio to a moderate volume is a sign of old age.

On that point, I am turning thirty in 9 days. Christ.

Finally, I put together a little mixtape of some songs I’ve been enjoying lately. If you want to, you can check it out here. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Brilliant Photos.

I came across these photos and was floored. One of them is a photo of the Jesus in Rio. I happen to be going to Rio in about a week, and was thinking I wouldn’t bring my camera because of the high likelihood of theft. But now I wanna bring it. Anyway, take a look at these stunning photos. I’d post them here on Virtual Obscurity, but I think it looks better on the original site.

Sunset in Montreal

The other day in New York, it was 75 degrees. In January. Anyway, today its frickin’ freezing. It sort of reminded me of this picture I took in Montreal. So here it is.


Some pictures

Here are a few pictures I have taken over the last few months.

Macy's Flower ShowButterfly, 8th St. and 6th Ave.Brazil Coffee House 2Brazil Coffee House 1

Brilliant Ideas: Tourist Remover

These days it seems that everyone is coming up with a brilliant idea on the good ‘ol Interweb. So much so that I have added a new category to my posts, “Brilliant Ideas.” Today I came across the following: the Tourist Remover.

How it works:Remove moving objects such as tourists or passing cars from your photos.
Take multiple photos from the same scene and the Tourist Remover blends them into a
composite photo without any interfering elements.

Take a look at this example:

Pretty impressive huh? What will the eggheads come up with next!?