1. I’d never carved a pumpkin before.  Seriously.  Not bad for a first time, huh?  Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year.

2. Saw Where the Wild Things Are.  Not bad.  The book didn’t give them a lot to work with, but they made it work. 

3. Saw Away We Go.  Awesome.

4. According to my Facebook photo feed, there is a baby boom going on.  When did Facebook stop being about hot girls and start being about babies?

Presented without comment:

A man accused of beheading his wife at the television station they founded to counter stereotypes of Muslims is likely to claim emotional distress was behind the killing in hopes of avoiding a murder conviction.

My New Office

For the last five years at my job, I have been in the same office. Recently, due to seniority, I was given a new office. By all measures, it is superior to my old office. It is larger, it is better located, and it has a better view.

But I still miss the old one.

When I was 6, my parents told me that they were getting rid of our family car (a Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme) and getting a new one (a Volvo). I remember being sad to the point of tears.  I remember pleading with them to keep it, saying “but we have so many memories in that car!” Heh. Six years old. Guess I will never change.

To Sever For Years

I just cannot get this song out of my head.  Listening to it over and over feels like gluttony.  The site won’t let me embed, so you will just have to go to YouTube.

Duffy – Stepping Stone


A friend complained that I’ve taken too long to post anything new here, so here goes.

1.  It’s true, I haven’t written in a while.  Work is still busy.  Also, I haven’t been posting as much since I started writing in my moleskine pocket journal.  In the month of May, I became very sick and didn’t want to bother with computers or technology.  I completely withdrew from television and print media.  And something strange happened.  I started having cinematic, vivid dreams.  Sometimes, while I was awake.  Sure, you can blame the medicine, but I think the absence of media consumption forced my brain to return to its imagination.  It was straight out of Thoreau’s Walden.

2.  I am starting to grow weary of New York City.  I went home the other day, and as the historic downpour continued, I realized how beautiful it was out on the island.  Suddenly, the rain turned from something to resent into something to relish.  You could smell the earth, the trees, and all of the vegetation.  Everything was so green.  All I smell in New York is car exhaust, garbage, fetid steam vents, overly burned meat on a stick and the farts of the guy just up the street.

3.  More than anything, a lot of the excitement of New York seems to have left.  Ever since the economy tanked, the energy is just not there.  The massive layoffs in New York have affected everyone, including the still-employed.  Bars are morose, parties are muted.  I, for one, don’t like partying as much knowing that many of my friends are in debt, unemployed through no fault of their own, and hoping to ride out the storm.  There’s just less to celebrate these days.

4.  I just went to the Beyonce concert last night.  Man can she sing.  I don’t think that there is any female artist today who even comes close.  Our children are going to be hearing stories about her, the way people talk about Ella, Tina, and Aretha now.

5.  I am obsessed with building a home theater PC, or HTPC.  I know all the parts I want, but I just can’t settle on a case I like.  It is ridiculous to me that Time Warner can charge 100 bucks a month for cable TV, when Hulu is out there pushing content for free.  The entire business model of Time Warner is going to change, and I think they know it, which is why they are trying to promote bandwidth-use caps.  Unlike Netflix, which is attempting to craft creative solutions to its soon-to-be-obsolete business model, Time Warner takes an opposite approach, similar to the one taken by the MPAA and RIAA, and one that is destined to fail.  The HTPC will be a symbol of that failed business strategy, as hopefully I will be able to view all video content that I currently watch on cable through my HTPC, for free or near-free.  Soon, episodes of shows will pop up via RSS feed, allowing you to watch right then and there.  I expect the back-end to be sleeker than Google Reader, so that it is a video-friendly interface that automatically downloads and updates the shows you select.  I think Boxee already does this.  If you are interested in a similar project, I recommend you read up on the forums at AVSForum and Silent PC Review.  In case you are wondering, I am thinking an E5200, 4GB ram, 1TB WD Green, LG Blu-Ray, and either the Zotac 9300 (mini-ITX) or the Gigabyte 9400 (mATX).

6. Speaking of media, this preview for “The Pacific” gave me chills.  It’s the sequel to Band of Brothers, and it looks incredible.  I can’t wait.

I have seen the future.*

*Of sandwiches.

And it is glorious.

Feast your eyes on this:

A buddy and I just went out to lunch and had this, the king of all sandwiches.  He found it randomly by surfing Midtown Lunch, a website subscribe to but clearly I have been underutilizing it, since I hadn’t heard of this place before.

Midtown Lunch calls this sandwich from Free Foods a triumph, and they are right on.  The sandwich isn’t even on the overhead menu, you have to ask for it, and I would have never known to were it not for ML.  Anyway, the sandwich is awesome.  Tender, juicy duck, swiss cheese, russian dressing, and is that tiny bits of orange?  A genius made this sandwich.  A goddamn genius.  A mother#$@#, lyrical wordsmith, mother @#!$@ genius.