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Restoring my faith

At Disability Awareness Day at Fenway Park, a young autistic man sings the national anthem. When he stumbles, the entire crowd helps him along to the end.

This movie did a couple of things for me.

1. Renewed my faith in humanity. Sounds cliche, but it seems that generally, people are good.

2. Renewed my faith in America. It is still great to be an American. America, Fuck Yeah.

3. Surprised me. Turns out not all Red Sox fans are douchebags!


I recently read a story that discussed how some pundit named John Gibson mocked Jon Stewart’s first monologue after 9/11, after which I wanted to see the monologue. Although Gibson’s diatribe is undeserving of any additional attention, it did bring light to the Stewart monologue, for which I am thankful. It was one of the most honest things I’ve ever seen. Watching it reminded me how I felt after the tragedy, and I was grateful for it. I encourage you to watch it as well, and have embedded it below.

Why the New Dollar Coin Will NEVER Work.


ParisLemon wrote a story titled “How the New Dollar Coin COULD Work.” As you may not know, the US Mint is going to release a new dollar coin to the public. Like ParisLemon says, this one will be newer, snazzier, and will include all new dead presidents. Sadly, ParisLemon is right on the rationale, but wrong on the result. Here is a corrected analysis.

Why the dollar coin is screwed:

“First, they are the exact same size and weight (and made of the same material) as the Sacagawea dollar coin of a few years back.” The same obnoxious, bigger, heavier than a quarter but not so big that you can’t easily confuse them with a quarter size that was unsuccessful the last time they tried to peddle it.

“Second, by taking a page from the successful series of State quarters and releasing the coins in sets of 4, each of which are different, they are creating a demand among collectors and an interest among the general public each time a new one comes out.” Not exactly. Quarters were already popular and heavily used before they came up with the idea to have individual quarters for each state. Not so with the dollar coin, a universally shunned coin.

“Now, these two thing certainly don’t guarantee success or acceptance of the coin, after all coins are pretty annoying to carry around in large quantities…” You got that right.

“They could work with the soda manufacturers to set the price of a vending machine pop to $1. Currently it seems like vending machine drinks range anywhere in price from 50 cents to $1.50…why not split the difference and make them all $1? Imagine how simple it would be if you didn’t need to fumble around in your pocket for change to buy a pop in the machine, or better still, if you didn’t have to keep feeding those awful dollar-bill readers that just won’t accept your crumpled paper money. All you would need to do is insert your dollar coin and out comes the drink.” Thanks jerk. There’s nothing like knowing that the dollar coin is responsible for my office soda machine going from $.50 to $1.00 to encourage me to use more dollar coins! Oh, and I don’t see any problems with the government mandating the price of consumer goods!

“Though the Sacagawea coin has been out for a few years, I’ve only seen a few vending machines that will take them.” Ok. Guess what? The increased cost of compliance just went up. Guess who is going to pay for it? (Hint: it’s not the vendors).

Dollar coins are infuriating. Like the penny, they are totally useless. When I was a kid, I noticed that my dad had a big drawer full of change. Why? Because any change he would get that day would go into that drawer, never to be used again. That was great for me when I was 10, but now I do the same exact thing he does. Coins are for kids, and they will never be anything more.

We have dollar bills, they work. Dollar coins are a perfect example of the government trying to fix something that isn’t broke. Or we have some seriously numismatically-obsessed (that’s coin geeks to you) people working in government. The dollar coin is going to cost YOU money, both at the federal government level and every time a vendor is forced to comply in accepting them. Printing money isn’t free, bub. Moreover, coins, being subject to prevailing metals prices, often cost more than originally planned. I’m sure you’ve heard that with prevailing copper and zinc prices, many pennies are worth more melted down into copper than they are in their present form.

Virgil Goode, F’d in the A

Oh snap! As a follow up to my previous post, Virgil Goode gets punk’d when Keith Ellison uses a Koran once owned by Thomas Jefferson to swear into office! What a classy way to respond to such a classless objection. Full story here. Well done!

Virginia Is For Douchebags

….because the Allen/Webb race is even close! This should have been a landslide. That it is a close race is a testament to the fact that Virginia must be a state full of slack-jawed, back-ass-wards hicks. Allen is a man who yells racial epithets at his rallies. A man who is obsessed with the Confederate flag (don’t give me that bullshit about it being part of your “heritage”). A man who put the severed head of a deer in the mailbox of the nearest black family he could find. A man who is not afraid to use the N-word. How could you vote for this guy? Virginia’s shame is all of our shame.

In the Name of the Father, Redux

The following is an excerpt from the script of In the Name of the Father, an excellent movie if you haven’t seen it. It resonated with me not only because of the Father-son relationship, it also seemed eerily timely. Anyway, I started playing with the idea of hyperlinking the similarities to Guantanamo, the PATRIOT Act, and the curtailment of our liberties here in the US. I probably could have done more linking, and maybe you can suggest some for me to update this post with.

Defense Attorney: Inspector, these people were arrested two days…after the Prevention of Terrorism Act was introduced.

Inspector Dixon: That’s correct.

Defense Attorney: Can you explain, please, the powers that this gives to the police?

Inspector Dixon: It permits us to hold suspected terrorists for a period of up to seven days.

Defense Attorney: Quite extraordinary powers in a democracy. Difficult I would’ve thought for the police to resist the temptation…to deal forcibly with people.

Prosecutor: Objection.

Defense Attorney: People they suspect are the biggest bombing campaign on the British mainland…since the Second World War.

Prosecutor: Objection. My lord, I really must…

Judge: Get to the point!

Defense Attorney: Now, this bombing campaign…struck deep into the British people’s sense of security. The people looked to you to find those responsible.

Inspector Dixon: Yes.

Defense Attorney: You must have been under the most intense pressure.

Inspector Dixon: That’s my job.

Defense Attorney: Now, all of the defendants claim, including young Patrick Maguire, aged just�Patrick, would you stand up, please?

Thank you. All of the defendants claim…that they were subjected to physical and mental abuse while under police custody.

Inspector Dixon: They were never harmed in any way.

Gerry Conlon: He’s fuckin’ lyin’! They beat the shit out of us!

Paul Hill: Fuckin’ liar!

[Gavel Pounding]

Judge: Silence. Sit them down!

[ Crowd Yelling]

Paul Hill: Please believe us! They beat us!

Judge: Just be quiet.

[Gavel Pounding]

Sit them down!

Silence in the court!

Defense Attorney: Mr. Conlon says…that you pulled him by the hair and squeezed his testicles.

Inspector Dixon: I never even spoke to Mr. Conlon.

Gerry Conlon: I hope you burn in hell, Dixon!

Judge: Silence!

Defense Attorney: Mr. Hill says the police sat astride him and put a gun in his mouth.

Inspector Dixon: There was no pressure of any kind.

Paul Hill: You can go and fuck yourself, you lyin’ fuckin’ bastard!

Judge: Silence! Order!

Defense Attorney: Inspector, in the case of the four main defendants, you have no corroborating evidence.

Inspector Dixon: I have the confessions of four obvious terrorists. What more do you want?