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Back from the Bahamas

I just returned from a much-needed week in the Bahamas.  I had never been to the Bahamas and haven’t really seen much of the Caribbean.  Unlike my trip to Guatemala, I didn’t keep a trip journal, since it was just a beach trip.  But taking a cue from my friend Swati, who had a well organized breakdown of her trip to St. Maarten, I thought I’d share some tips.

Accommodation – We stayed at the Sheraton in Nassau, which was only $60 a night if you used 4,000 Starwood points per night.  The resort also charged $15 a person extra, so the total cost was $90 + 4,000 points + taxes (about 12%) per night.  They have a nice pool, a great beach, and you can use the pool and beach at the nearby Crystal Palace Casino and Resort (they are interconnected).  By comparison,  The Atlantis was about $499 a night, and The Cove was about $710 a night.  The Sheraton was hit and miss – the food/restaurants overcharged and underdelivered, and the maid service was spotty at best, but for less than $100 a night, I thought it was a great value.  The GM, Mr. D’Angelo, was great, and definitely addressed our concerns when we raised them.

Transportation.  During the day, there are frequent buses which can take you downtown (shops, bars and restaurants) and to Paradise Island (where Atlantis is).  At night, you’re stuck taking cabs.  Cabs to Atlantis (or almost anywhere else) were $20.  You can get a moped for about $50 a day downtown.

Food. Food on the resort was subpar and overpriced. We found it was better to venture out.

The restuarants in Atlantis were great, especially Cafe Martinique (perhaps one of the best restaurants I’ve been to).  Terrific service.

The first night, we checked out Compass Point (food was ok – very overpriced).

We also went to Dune, a restaurant in the One and Only Resort.  The grounds were beautiful but the food was awful.  Both of our meals were overcooked and had to be sent back.  The other patrons and I were literally laughing about how bad our meal was.  The service was unimpressive.

Downtown Athena Cafe had the best Gyro I’ve ever had anywhere.  Great service too.

Finally, we checked out the Fish Fry.  I thought the food was great, but it was a bit shady at night.

Other Stuff.  We did the water park in Atlantis ($120pp), did some jet skiing ($100 for 45 min), some  gambling in the Crystal Palace Casino and Atlantis Casino and some drinking and shopping downtown.  The aquarium in Atlantis was very cool.  The only club worth going to is Aura, in Atlantis, which is open Wednesday through Saturday.