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Guatemala, Days 8-9 – Monterrico, Guatemala City

Recently I went on a trip to Guatemala. These are days 8-9 of my 9 day account.

We catch a morning bus to Monterrico with a true hippie. He’s got dreads and everything, a vegan (of course) and he is out there to save the world. Driving out to the coast highlights the marked difference between the steep highlands and the incredibly flat lowlands. It’s the first time I’ve seen flat land in a while, and I am loving it.

At one point we reach a river that we have to cross. Nearby is a brand new bridge, but we end up taking this bizarre ferry so that the driver can save a few dollars. Definitely an experience, though I don’t know if I would want to do it again.

After we arrive in Monterrico, we immediately drop all our stuff at the Hotel Dos Mundos and head out to the pool. The pool is almost an infinity pool (no infinity edge but overlooking the ocean. We have a few fantastic pina coladas, which are served in hollowed out pineapples. Then we make our way to the beach, which is hot since the sand is completely black! The ocean current is far too strong to swim in, and the sand is too sharp and black to be hospitable, but it is still relaxing and beautiful, which is what we need after our harried journey.

We walk along the beach waiting for the sun to set and I take some nice pics. Later, we see baby leatherback turtles being released to the ocean. It is really cute.

Unfortunately I am feeling sick from an awful meal we had by the market in Chichichastenango, and I develop a fever and what I’ll mercifully call “digestive problems.” Unfortunately that means I can’t check out the nightlife.

The next day, we spend the better part of the day at the beach, enjoying ceviche and taking in some sun. Around mid afternoon, the bus is back to take us back to Guatemala City. On the way back we see a volcano fully erupting, a good omen I think!

Our beach stay was not long, but it was definitely refreshing! We return to Guatemala City and stay at the Intercontinental (link2), skipping the Otelito, since it is the same price and in my view, the Intercontinental is much nicer. We go out for a bit and take in more nightlife, but crash early as we have early morning flights back to NYC.

And there you have it!

Guatemala, Day 1 – Arrival in Guatemala City

Recently I went on a trip to Guatemala. This is Day 1 of my 9 Day account.

cncl_martinez_a.jpgFlying out of LaGuardia to Miami. Sat next to a councilman from Washington Heights named Miguel giving a proclamation to a Dominican organization. Turns out he is a pretty prominent Dominican city politician. Glad I gave him my business card! We talked politics, mostly about the illegal alien drivers licence issue.

My Miami flight to Guatemala City was delayed. I finally arrive at Hotel Otelito, Hotel Otelitoand enjoy a great steak, with frijoles and black beans at the in house restaurant. The tortilla soup was pretty good too. Otelito is highly recommended by Lonely Planet, as a “boutique hotel.” My travel buddy arrives a little later on and we wander around Zona 10, which is where all the town’s hot nightspots are. We settle on Panagea for drinks. Everyone is very attractive, young, and very white, which surprises us. We are almost completely ignored but we have fun anyway. We call it an early night because we have to get up impossibly early tomorrow for a flight to Flores.