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Look Into The Air

Finally, I am done with my Guatemala blogging! Interesting post script – I was watching Nova last night and they had a special on Mayan hieroglyphs, which was fascinating. You can watch the entire special here. When we were in Tikal, the guides there said that the language had been lost, but the show explained that they had deciphered many of Mayan hieroglyphics, if not completely broken the code. It reminded me of this picture I took (at left). Recent scholars have deciphered much of the code, and generally stelae like the one pictured at left was a historical account of kings and their family. Anyway, if you get a chance to go to Guatemala, take as many pictures of the glyphs as you can! I didn’t take as many as I would have liked and now I regret it.

Now, on to other things. I’ve been going to a lot of concerts lately. First, I saw Jose Gonzales at the Highline Ballroom. The line went from one end of 11th avenue to the other (11th is a long block)! We managed to get in and score a table with a great view. Here are some pictures I took from the event.

The concert was great. He played a lot of his new stuff, including one of my favorites off his new album, Cycling Trivialities. Have a listen.

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This man has unbelievable control over the guitar – it is practically an extension of him when he plays.

More recently, we went to the Explosions in the Sky concert. It was raw and awesome. They proved that they are not a post rock band, they are a rock band. A friend of a friend took some terrific pictures of the concert here. They played a lot of great songs, but not my favorite (and my friend’s) song, Your Hand In Mine. Check it out.

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It was a straight set with no encore. Being entirely instrumental, many worry that the band will be boring, but I can tell you that fear is unjustified. The music was hypnotic, and EITS are experts at building their music and the crowd into a frenzied crescendo. It was blisteringly loud – at points I could have used earplugs. My friends joke that setting the radio to a moderate volume is a sign of old age.

On that point, I am turning thirty in 9 days. Christ.

Finally, I put together a little mixtape of some songs I’ve been enjoying lately. If you want to, you can check it out here. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Great Friends

Like everyone else, I have real friends, and party friends. Real friends are the ones who you hang out with outside of the bar. Anyway, I didn’t really feel like hanging out with bar friends last night, so I stayed in and watched TV. A couple of real friends stopped by, out of concern, which was really nice. Apparently I party so much that my absence signals distress. Heh. Anyway, we went up to the rooftop and had cake and champagne, then watched The Office when it got too cold. I am sure I had a better time than I would have going out, looking at other people with a drink in my hand (like everyone else is doing) but not talking to anyone, and then going home.

Went to an Au Revoir Simone concert this past week. Was really great – I think I am in love with one of the girls in the band. There are three girls – she’s the one who is always in the middle for some reason in pictures and on stage. Check out the website, you will love their sound.

Two weeks ago, I went to two weddings in one day, one for a friend and one for a cousin. The wedding of my friend was awesome. It was small and intimate, excellently planned, and TONS of fun. Each guest had a picture of them with the bride and groom, and a thoughtfully planned seat assignment. I initiated the chair lift, like a good long island Indian from a predominantly Jewish area. The band was AMAZING. If you’ve never seen three old white people play Sean Paul, you should. I was shocked by how good they were. Everyone was young and we all had an awesome time.

The second wedding was an unmitigated disaster. The kid isn’t really a cousin by blood, my aunt married a widower with two kids. The daughter is a spoiled brat who has unfortunately been allowed to breed her own little spoiled brat. The boy is actually a nice guy. Their father is an uncouth troglodyte. anyway, it was horribly planned. There were almost no attractive people there. The wedding was on a SUNDAY NIGHT starting at 7:30 with a 2 1/2 hour cocktail hour. It was ridiculous. Then, they herd everyone out of the cocktail reception area to a hallway outside the main reception hall. Everyone is standing around for more than twenty minutes, but they won’t open the goddamned doors. What kind of shit planning is that? What is the obscene excuse for having your guests wait outside like that? Anyway, once we finally got in, we quickly realized that there were no assigned tables. Guess they weren’t delaying to set up the seats. What kind of wedding doesn’t have assigned tables? We sat down at a table only to have some bitch from the bride’s side ask us to get up so THEIR friends and family could sit down. At ten goddamned thirty. I was like, well, “you jobless retards may not have shit to do, but I have to go to WORK tomorrow.” Disgusted with the boorish manners of the guests, turned off by the poor planning, I decided to skip the cheesy family introductions and the entire dinner. I never even saw the bride and groom (they weren’t at the cocktail reception). My parents stayed and told me later that they STARTED serving dinner at 11:30. The whole wedding was selfish and rude to the guests. I’m just glad I escaped when I did.

What a study in contrasts.

Have been to a few restaurants that deserve mention:

Toloache: Food was meh. Constantly getting upsold by the waiter was annoying.

Blue Hill: Amazing. Highly recommended.

Babbo: I love this place. Try to go as much as you can. This time, we had the tasting menu, and some amazing wines.

Mice Parade

Thanks to Wes, my imaginary band-mate in The World’s Fattest Twins (f/k/a Motion Picture Soundtrack), I have been turned on to Mice Parade, a fantastic real band. It has influences from all over, including atmospheric, hard-rock, electronic and flamenco. They’re absolutely brilliant. I recommend listening to the track “Steady as She Goes,” but pretty much all of their tracks are awesome. You can listen to any of their tracks on Amazon’s listing for Mice Parade. Check it out. You can thank me for dropping this musical gem on you by replying below.

The World’s Fattest Twins will likely make a showing at Mice Parade’s upcoming concert in NYC. More info here.

Sweep the Leg!

So the site went down for a while. My host said that I was using too much memory. But I think it was a corrupted database or template. In any event, I recently saw something cracked me up – a music video with all the old characters from the Karate Kid. The music is meh but the video is great!

Amazing Fingerpicking

The only thing you are amazing at fingerpicking is that giant sebaceous hook-nose on your that ugly mug of yours. Not so with Andy McKee, who is a master of fingerstyle guitar. This video is one of his most impressive, though you can find more on You Tube. In addition to his technical skills, his music is pretty good.

He also does a pretty damn good rendition of Africa (Toto):

Aries Spears

This guy is SICK; A MUST WATCH.