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I recently read a story that discussed how some pundit named John Gibson mocked Jon Stewart’s first monologue after 9/11, after which I wanted to see the monologue. Although Gibson’s diatribe is undeserving of any additional attention, it did bring light to the Stewart monologue, for which I am thankful. It was one of the most honest things I’ve ever seen. Watching it reminded me how I felt after the tragedy, and I was grateful for it. I encourage you to watch it as well, and have embedded it below.

Michael Moore Schools Wolf Blitzer and CNN

Just watched Sicko the other day. It’s great, I highly recommend it. anyway, Wolf gets skewered by Moore on his own show. Its great copy.

What I Stand For

1. Better consumer protection from dangerous imports.
2. Net Neutrality.
3. A flat income tax.
4. Leave Iraq.
5. End Guantanamo.
6. Allow stem cell research.
7. Tighter immigration policies and a secure border.
8. Universal healthcare.
9. Congressional term limits.
10. Legalization of marijuana.
11. Repeal of the PATRIOT Act.
12. Telling people where you really stand, even if it doesn’t poll well.

Why no ban on Chinese food imports?

The Pet Food Crisis. A few months ago, a scandal erupted when Americans discovered that hundreds of pet deaths in the United States were attributed to poisoned pet food manufactured in China. More than one pet food manufacturer was involved, it quickly became clear that the poisoning was intentional. More importantly though, it was clear that the substituting of one ingredient for another was intended as a cost-saving measure. In other words, it was completely profit based. Disgustingly, China denies blame out of one side of its mouth while out of the other side it takes action against the manufacturers. Wikipedia has a comprehensive summary of the pet food crisis if you want to read more.

Poisoned Toothpaste. Two days ago, the Times ran a story (free reg req’d) that toothpaste found in Panama and manufactured in China was found to have the poison diethylene glycol. That story followed on the heels of a previous instance in Panama where diethylene glycol marked as glycerin (a sweet syrup you find in all kinds of processed food), manufactured in China, was mixed into cold medicine, killing 100 people there. According to the article, deaths linked to food manufactured in China have occurred in Haiti, Bangladesh, Argentina, Nigeria and India. In fact, the same Chinese company implicated in the Haiti poisoning also shipped about 50 tons of counterfeit glycerin to the United States in 1995, to an American bulk pharmaceuticals manufacturer.

Poisoned food. In addition, hundreds of shipments containing thousands of tainted products including food products, medicines, dietary supplements, and cosmetics manufactured in China have been discovered by U.S. officials. While they stop a small percentage, a much larger percentage is making its way into American homes. Moreover, unscrupulous Chinese entrepreneurs callously ignore poultry and meat import bans to the tune of hundreds of thousands of pounds of tainted flesh.

So what the hell is the matter with our government? Why aren’t they trying to stop this? After all, isn’t the first function of a government to protect its people? After all, didn’t other first-world countries like Japan and the UK ban US beef after the mad cow scare?

According to the Washington Post article, the contemptible reason nothing is being done is money. Because our trade is so inextricably intertwined with China, and because Americans are so obsessed with the desire to import items in to China, we take a weak approach to exports out of China to the U.S.

The Math Ain’t Right. Fine, I get that our representatives lie prostrate in front of the Almighty Dollar. But here, even the math doesn’t make sense. According to the Post, agricultural exports to China total only $5 billion a year, while the Chinese enjoy a $232 billion annual trade surplus on the US. So where is the economic benefit? It seems to me we could kill two birds with one piece of pet food if we reduced the trade deficit with China by enforcing some REAL restrictions on the import of agricultural products. If you think that is a good idea, it takes only a quick call or email to your representative in order to let them know you care about not being poisoned by Chinese imports.

Jade Goody Living in Fear? Good.

UK Yahoo News Link. If you haven’t heard, Jade Goody was accused (rightly) of racist bullying towards Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty on Celebrity Big Brother, a version of the show out in the UK. Anyway, this week she claimed her windows were smashed as a direct result.

She has been staying in a hotel since she was booted off the Channel 4 reality show on Friday and has yet to be reunited with her two young sons, who are staying with relatives and were not at home during the alleged incident.

“Do I deserve to get my windows smashed? Do I deserve not to see my children?” she complained during an appearance on Five talk show The Wright Stuff.

Oh, is that who you were thinking of when you called Shilpa “the Indian” and told her to “fuck off home?” Yes, you deserve those things and probably worse. If you were so concerned with your kids’ safety, maybe you shouldn’t have been such a loudmouth racist asshat! You are getting everything you deserve, kuti. Looks like someone can’t fuck off home herself now!

Virgil Goode, F’d in the A

Oh snap! As a follow up to my previous post, Virgil Goode gets punk’d when Keith Ellison uses a Koran once owned by Thomas Jefferson to swear into office! What a classy way to respond to such a classless objection. Full story here. Well done!