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My Disappointment.

I’ve done everything I can. I’ve talked with friends, family, and loved ones. I’ve tried to give it one more shot, time and time again. I just can’t delude myself any longer. My faith has been shaken. But I’ve broken down and admitted it. Because no matter how hard I try to deny it, there’s no escaping the truth:

Scrubs sucks this year.

And I’m not the only one. Lots. Of. Other. People. Are. Asking. The. Same. Question. Also.

There are weak and boring plots in this sixth season of Scrubs, such as the Iraq war veteran that ends up a discourse on the morality of the war. To add insult to injury, Elliot kisses the vet with no apparent motivation. The show jumped the shark when they did a crappy musical including a forgettable number named “Everything Comes Down To Poo.” Even the music has been sucking lately, one of the high points of the show. There’s a terrible (and terribly rated) clip show, that most hackneyed of sitcom throwaways. The characters are no longer quirky and weird. You don’t see any of the physical gags you used to see on the show. It’s almost as if some NBC fatcat executive told Bill Lawrence that he should make the show “more like Grey’s Anatomy.”

Perhaps it has something to do with the rumor that Zach will not return for a seventh season. Some have speculated that the more talented writers or directors may not be involved with the show anymore, though I haven’t been able to substantiate that very easily.


No matter what the cause, it’s a heartbreak. Scrubs was my favorite show of all time. Now it is teetering on the edge of tivo-worthiness. I’ve already had to dump Family Guy and My Name is Earl. I hope things turn around for the show. Either Bill Lawrence needs to administer some swift kicks in the ass, or he needs one himself. Maybe he needs to go back on the sauce in order to write good copy. Or maybe he needs to get off of it – whatever he is doing with the sauce, he should do the opposite. Because Scrubs is hurtling towards obsolescence. And its a damn shame.